So it’s Tuesday…

Not a Tuesday goes by that I am not asked by my dear, sweet child for a play-date with one of her pals.  So today, miracle of miracles, I gave in.

So the two of them are cackling and making loads of noise in the other room.  I love it.  It’s happy noise.  Unfortunately, my little gal does not often get the chance to play like this because of my condition.

Today is not a bad day.  Last night was going along fine until about 10 p.m.  At that point, my legs and back decided, without asking me I might add, to go on strike.  The pain was bad enough for me to bring in the big guns of medication.  I felt better after a while.  I detest needing any meds.  I wish, hope and pray for a day when I won’t need any of this stuff.


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