Ah, the drama of “I can’t go to school today!”

Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all through the house…. One small creature was stirring, and screaming, “I CAN’T go to school! I just CAN’T do it!”  One might ask why.  The answer was fatigue.  “Too-late-to-bed” syndrome as a result of “Taking-too-long-to-get-ready-for-bed-itis”.

Seriously though, once she was out the door, all was well.  We did our usual, “See if you can make it to lunch” routine.  Well, three o’clock rolled around and voila!  She made it! It wasn’t the worse day in the world.  *(The promise of Christmas cookies also perks up the tired, just as a back-up plan).

I remember trying that out on my parents.  It didn’t work any better back then.  LOL.  Although, there was one day back in second grade when I went in late because the getting ready portion of the morning had reached completely explosive proportions.  How my parents managed it with five children is beyond me.  But they did.

Don’t we all wish that we could shout to anyone and no one in particular, “I just can’t do it today!” and all responsibility would fly away for 24 hours or so.  Magically everything would be “all better.” That would be awesome!

Alas, nothing is that easy.  At least not in our adult lives.  When you’re dealing with a chronic illness, it makes the least of your to-do list seem like the hardest thing in the world.

My better half took our little one to school this morning because I really “just couldn’t do it today.”

Hey, I guess some days, that wish does come true!  True if you have someone – in my case, a wonderful husband/best friend – who watches out for you, sees when you really just can’t do it and makes it all better.

The cookies help too!


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