I’ll explain my previous post

Hello out there in cyberspace….  It’s been a rough few days.  First off, I wasn’t feeling well, on top of all the usual stuff.  The pain was up, up, up.

But we got our Christmas tree, decorated it the next day and made our little one a very happy camper.  She always thinks we won’t get things like that done on time.  I guess we haven’t always been right on schedule with things like that.  We have a terrible reputation for tardiness among our family members.  Yikes!  It really isn’t our fault….. Oh heck, we just can’t get our selves out the door on time.

New Year’s resolution #1 – Although I detest New Year’s Eve, resolutions, etc.  I will make one now.  For the new year, I will make EVERY effort to be on time.  There.  Now I’ve said it.  So now I’ll have to do it.

That’s a good thing.  Good night.  Sleep well.

Peace and painlessness,



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