Grrrrrrr….read on to discover why I growl:

The school had auditions for the spring musical this afternoon.  My little one did a great job and got a call back for tomorrow.  I explained that while there were no guarantees for a role, she did seem to have a good chance.

Well, then we went to the supermarket.  My little actress proceeded to demand, not ask for, DEMAND that we eat manicotti tonight.  While this sounds lovely to some folks, I have to plan carefully because of my husband’s allergy to tomatoes.  Besides, I didn’t WANT manicotti.  Grrrrr,

Then she asked if I planned to attend tonight’s PTA meeting.  We didn’t get out of auditions until 4:30, that only left two hours until the meeting.  I said that I wasn’t going to this one.  Well, she went down an entire aisle saying over her shoulder that it “would be great if” I “really knew what was happening at the school.  It’s great to be involved Mom.”  What the?!?!?!?  Really?!?!  Is it great to be involved?

Relevant sidebar: Our supermarket is one of the places in the neighborhood where we’ve been going forever.  Literally.  I grew up nearby and shopped there every Saturday morning with my parents.  In high school, I was a cashier.  Fast forward to my marriage, my husband and I have shopped there forever.  We brought our daughter there.  SO we’ve been taking her there for over 9 years.  EVERYONE knows us.  EVERYONE loves my daughter.  Why am I telling you this?  I needed to set the background so you’d understand why I, while being lectured, could not go off the crazy train and yell at her. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Ah, nothing like a good growl to make you feel better.

Have a pain-free hour or two,



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