Rachel Ray I am not….

Well here we are, seven days since my last post and what a crazy bunch of days they were!

To start, I will say that those who know me are well aware that I am NO gourmet when it comes to cooking.  They will say I make yummy burritos.  They might say I can cook a great pop-tart or boil water in an earth-shattering way.  So when I start searching online for new recipes – it is time to crack out the hard hats.

I found a great recipe for homemade alfredo sauce. Seems harmless, right?  (buzzer sound) WRONG!

The first of many catastrophic  events was when I dropped 2 tablespoons of minced garlic all over the floor.  Ok, I can handle that.

Then I spilled my 2 tsps of olive oil.  OK, I can even handle that.

But then I proceeded to drop all of my pasta on the floor, and I lost it. Meanwhile, the butter for the garlic saute was melting and spattering in the pan.

I flipped out and started crying.  My husband came in and silently cleaned up the garlic.  He wanted me to go relax while he cleaned up the kitchen.

I couldn’t leave though.  We ordered from Szechuan Delight, (best food ever), and I got rid of the remnants of what was supposed to be my gourmet meal of the week.  It was awful.

It never fails to end up like that, the nights when I actually have the energy to do something like that.

Oh well.  I did end up trying the recipe later in the week and it was fantastic.  It is something we will definitely have again.

I should stick with burritos.

Peace and painlessness,



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