About Medtronic’s teleconference

So today was the pain management teleconference.  As I’d never participated in one before, I thought it would be a cool way to hear from other people dealing with pain.  The whole event was sponsored by Medtronic and the guest speakers were:  Dr. Joshua Wellington from Indiana University and two patients.  So, clearly, the bias was in favor of getting one of these devices.  One has a spinal-cord stimulator (SCS) and the other has an intrathecal or implanted pump delivering pain medication directly to the person’s spine.  There was a disclaimer  stating that there was no obligation and that this was merely an info. session.

It was very informative.  Since this seems to be the way I have to think now, getting a pump I mean, it was good to hear from a patient.  They couldn’t hear the participants though, unless we were picked to ask a question.  I wasn’t, though I tried to get the right buttons pushed quickly.

The woman who has a SCS has a story SO similar to mine that I got choked up listening to her.  She was a nurse, it all started in her foot, she has RSD.  The similarities were eerie.  By the time she found a doctor who really knew what they were doing, she required two SCS’s to control her pain.  She still has both and they keep her level of pain, (along with medication), at a 4.  That’s pretty great considering where she was.

The man who has the implanted pump didn’t really say how his problem started, but he was in really bad shape prior to getting the pump.  Both people are ambassadors for Medtronic because they had SUCH great success that they wanted to give back, to speak with people in pain and say how great their lives could be with the right treatment.

My doctor has said that the pump is the way for me because I would need coverage  for my legs,  back and arms.  He doesn’t feel that the SCS will cover my pain.  So, eventually, I will continue on the path toward getting the pump.

For now though, I will pretend that this isn’t my only option and glide along on a cloud of denial.  Not for long, just for a little while longer.

Peace and painlessness,




  1. Coach Marla

    I have had my SCS since 2006 and it has helped to some degree…..I have more then RSD causing me pain though….so I will take any relief that comes my way. hahahahaa.

    The pain pump always scared me a bit because I have some friends who have it and sometimes they sound a little, and sometimes a lot, messed up too much to function properly in the here and now. And I definitely want to be in the here and now as much as possible!

    I guess there are pros and cons to both options, and you will pick what is best for you! Not the doctor!! You have the right to decline what he suggests….don’t forget that!!

    Wish you all the best for a pain free life!!

    Coach Marla


  2. Coach Marla

    Hi Becky,

    You can go to my website and learn all about me and my journey so far with RSD and SCS, it’s a long, but short story….hahahahaha.

    Here’s the link: http://www.rsdcoach.com feel free to click around as much as ya wanna. =)

    Look forward to reading your updates, I know you will make the right discussion that fits well with you and your life!!

    ~Keep Strong~


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