Attention Olympic advertisers: In praise of DAD

For those of you who’ve been watching all of the ads during the Olympics, you have likely seen all of the tear-jerking commercials praising the moms behind the athletes.

Well, AS a mom I have to say that I’m ticked because there is not one ad praising the dads behind the scenes.  If anything, most commercials make fathers look foolish, as if they can’t even run the dishwasher correctly.  Take, for example, that ridiculous commercial for McDonalds with the parents racing through the streets grabbing the Happy Meal from each other.   The father gets to the kid first, presents the food and the kid says, “Thanks, mom.”  I mean, what is this?  Are we trying to alienate fathers?

What about the single father who raised Apolo Ohno?  Or the many fathers talked about in these games who drove the athletes all over the place to practice?  Where is the praise for fathers?

Listen, I get that they are trying to pull on our heartstrings with these commercials.  I get that.  But it would choke me up more to FINALLY see an ad that says “Thank you” to all of the dads out there.

If they can’t say it, I will: Thanks Dads.  You do so much with very little praise.  Thank you!

Peace and painlessness,



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