A Different Opinion…

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I tend to get on a tear about something and keep chewing on it until I find something else to rant about.  I’ll just keep going on about the lack of dads in ads for a few more days.  😉

Yesterday, I found out that my sweet nephew is as bothered by that dopey McDonald’s commercial as I am.  He doesn’t like that the father is ignored by the kid who says, “Thanks, Mom,” after “Dad” hands him the Happy Meal.  I was glad to hear that it isn’t just me.  AND I especially liked hearing this from a child.  Although the above-mentioned child happens to be an incredibly intelligent and sensitive young man, as well as my nephew.

Anyway,  my husband said something during the Olympics last night that made me pause.  He isn’t bothered by the ads because, as he puts it, the ads are aimed at the moms who buy those products.  While I accept that, I think that in ONE of those commercials there could be a mention, even a small one, about fathers.  I must say that my husband is an extremely rational person who doesn’t allow commercials to stress him out the way I do.  He views things in a far calmer fashion than I do.  But I would love to see him thanked with all the other dads who do a lot for their families.

Dads buy things too.  Dads make dinner, grocery shop, change diapers, drive to school, do laundry, pick out clothes and tuck in our children each and every day, all over the world.

So why not throw them a crumb.  A simple thank you would be lovely.

Thank you.

Peace & painlessness,



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