Take a bite out of this one…

Do any of you feel like your kids are just pulling their teeth out of their heads???

Honestly, daughter-o-mine lost her second tooth in about a week tonight.  She told me two days ago, “Mom, remember that big tooth that I said was loose?” Um, maybe?  “Well, it’s hanging by a thread.”  Meanwhile, I look at this barely hanging on tooth only to discover that said tooth is BARELY loose.  So I thought that, clearly, we needed to redefine what “hanging by a thread” means.

Well, fast-forward a couple of days and the tooth is out.  I swear that that thing was in solid not two days ago.  I’m convinced she’s pulling them out for cash.

No, I’m just kidding about that last sentence….. or am I?

Looking out the window for the Tooth Fairy, (who must keep a landing strip on our roof).

Peace & painlessness,



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