We might need an ark soon….

Earlier today, before I went out for a haircut and was told that the color I dyed my hair was “too dark,” I heard a booming “pop” from the street and my lights dimmed for a split-second.  What the heck happened?  Your guess is as good as mine.

When I left for the haircut, there was a ConEd truck parked across the street.  It was one of those blue & white trucks, no other vehicles than that one.  When I got back, there was a red EMERGENCY truck there.  What the?!?

To make matters worse, this rain won’t stop.  It’s like one of those nasty spring days that start and end damp and cold.  But it’s not spring yet, people!  It’s February for crying out loud.  It’s freezing!

So I couldn’t even walk over and ask what they were doing because the workers were all huddled inside the truck.  Great.  Perhaps a man-hole cover exploded.  Or something happened underground.  Maybe I’ll never know.  At least the lights are on.

I don’t mind rain, in fact I enjoy it most of the time.  I strongly dislike it during cold winter days though.  When I have errands to run, it becomes a real headache.

Anyway, on to hair.  I’ve been dying my hair the same color for a few years now.  It’s a nice hazlenut color.  That’s actually the name of the shade.  I love it.  It’s a deep, rich, dark brown.  So my hairstylist says, “You dyed your hair black?”  I was like “NOOOOOO.” He insisted it looks black.  Whatever.  I still love it.  He wants my hair a shade lighter.  I think he’s just ticked off that I do it myself.  Hehehe.  Why pay $75-$115 when I can pay $10 and be in my p.j.’s?  Exactly.

Peace & painlessness,



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