How to embarrass your child in no time at all….

Well, today was the planned playdate, despite the horrific, nasty weather we have been slammed with yet again. The girls were so excited, and I wouldn’t have wanted to ruin that.

So we came up the stairs and they were chatting. I can’t remember how it started but I answered one of my daughter’s questions by singing. Then it took on a life of it’s own. All I can say is that they were singing, I was singing – and then she looked at me with a pleading “Please stop” look. It was not good. I had wanted to come in and say “Hey, some of us parents got together to record an album of really embarrassing cover tunes, similar to “We Are The World.” I don’t think she would have appreciated it at the time. Oh well.

After that, I only spoke my answers, although at that point I was in a very sing-y mood. My body wasn’t feeling so sing-y. Ouch! Ouch! and OUCH! My left leg decided to compose it’s own wretched music today. The nerves are not behaving at all. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I could keep complaining, but I won’t. What I will say is that my best friend’s older son – (as it happens, my dearest friend has two sons who happen to be my daughter’s dearest friends) – is supposed to perform in his drama club production tomorrow night. If the weather continues to be bad, who knows what will happen. I sincerely hope that it goes on as planned, for the sake of the kids. They have prepared for a looooooooong time.

So that’s that. Singing – pain – drama clubs – friends. The usual.

Peace and painlessness,



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