In search of good manners…

I went for a walk this afternoon, on a quest for non-fiction books for my daughter.  So I went to my local Barnes & Noble.  Well, as expected, it was PACKED.  The children’s section on any given weekend is a zoo.

Against nearly every bookcase are at least two people, maybe a stroller or two.  So as you strain your eyes to read the covers from about three feet away, the people sitting on the floor just stare up as though you are inconveniencing them.  Ugh.

I had only one person, ONE, ask if they were in my way, could they move for me.  I mean, what is it with people?


On my way home, I was practically pushed up onto a snow bank because a woman ran up my back and past me before I could step-cane aside.

No one moves for the disabled.  No one moves for anyone.  No one moves.

Where did all the manners go?

Peace & Painlessness,



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