Back for good this time….

Well, I would like to say that my absence was due to some fabulous recovery and that I sit here, typing while drinking some wonderful, exotic drink on a beach somewhere.  But is wasn’t.  Though in truth, I have never been a person who drinks exotic drinks while lying on any beach, anywhere.  I am the fairest of the fair-skinned.  I usually say that I am corpse-colored. 

Anyway, my absence was due to the fact that my sweet child, who overheard talk of this blog, decided to brag about her mom’s “great blog” and show her friends.  Well, since she is extremely tech-savvy, she found it while at a friend’s house.  A house without parental controls on the child’s laptop.  She read it and was horrified to see that many of the posts were about her.  She misunderstood the post with the title “How to embarrass your child in three easy steps” (or something like that).  She thought I was giving a tutorial on child embarrassment.  Oh boy- the drama that began that afternoon.  It was just easiest to step away, explain and allow her time to forget.  She’ll remember though, and drag it out every now and again to make me feel guilty. 

I was also gone for a while because typing is not a comfortable exercise for me.  After a while, my fingers, hands and arms just plain hurt.  I recently saw my doctor and he feels that my only option is to have an implanted pump.  For the first time ever, I completely agree with him.

He is not a person who pushes people into surgery.  I’ve known him for seven years come September.  Not once has he forced me to have a procedure.  This time he said that I have no choice. 

Being out of options is a lousy place to be for anyone.  But for a person who has been a pincushion for so long, I’d try anything else at this point. 

So we’ll see what happens.  I’m glad to be back. 

Peace and painlessness,



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