Is it summer?? What’s with this heat?

So here we are, melting as the temperature rises, and I realized that summer is nearly upon us.  Our dear child only has a week more of school and then as she puts it, “FREEDOM!!”  LOL. 

I remember that feeling – getting to the end of the school year and being so excited for whatever fun the summer held in store.  It was always an adventure. 

This summer should be interesting for me.   In just a few weeks, I will have my intrathecal pump trial, (my second), to see if a pump will work for me.  Fingers are crossed for success.  This discomfort is really problematic.  The heat wreaks havoc on the nerves in my body.  I’ve always had a problem with the cold, now the heat too?  Give me a break.  Ugh.

Anyway.  Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  I’m trying hard to convince my husband that we should go out for a meal.  I think that would be a nice treat.  For everyone, not just me, LOL. 

Off topic: last night, we were watching the news and there was a story about a goose in a local park.  Apparently, some fool shot the poor animal with a crossbow.  The goose has part of the arrow lodged in it’s little neck.  Who would do such a thing?  Really…..  what kind of person does that?  The rangers can’t catch it to help it.  So sad. 

So that is it, in a nutshell.  It’s too hot, time to celebrate the dads and there’s a goose wearing an arrow as a necklace. 

Peace and painlessness,



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