It’s back to school time!

Well, my darling child started school yesterday. Her teacher is this very cool young mom whose husband is also a teacher.  We formally introduced ourselves last June.  Actually, my brave student ran over to the teacher and said, “I’m in your class!” And Mrs. Cool-Teacher (as I will call her indefinitely) said, “I know.  I can’t wait to get to know you!” 

Anyway, I’m off on a tangent.  So sweet child o’mine could barely sleep for the last few nights because she wanted to get to school already.  We were obviously thrilled. 

So, yesterday morning, we jumped back into normalcy again.  We walked to the school, met up with friends and classmates, parents and staff.  The whole time we stood there, my child had this biiiiig smile on her face.  She looked SO happy.  Then the teacher came over to collect the kids and that was that. 

Usually, my sweetie looks back a bunch of times to wave and blow kisses.  Yesterday, I got one lookback.  ONE.  It was a truly great first day.


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