Why do they have to grow up so dang fast?

I am certain that my parents asked that question about my siblings & I.  But seriously, why????  It occured to me one night, when my dear daughter woke up for a drink of water:  she is literally growing in her sleep.  I was walking this sleepy, slightly stumbling, beautiful non-child back to bed.  She is almost MY size!!!!  When the heck did this happen?

We were just talking about guinea pigs and puppies, about dolls and other toys.  Now we talk about a shaggy-haired non-talent whose name I will be kind enough not to say and other teen heartthrobs.  Ugh. 

She still plays with her dollhouse, still loves her toys.  But now the walls are covered with her favorite stars.  And here is the hardest thing to bear: she is wearing some of my clothes.  AND THEY FIT.  I had some cool tees that I haven’t worn in years that she’s always had her eye on.  Well, for laughs – or so I thought – I said, “Try it on!”  She was so excited but more so when the things fit her.  Her face lit up in the way that only hers can.  She smiled that smile, the one that literally melts my heart and said, “Can I have it?”

“Of course,” I answered her.  And she bounced off to grow up some more……


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