We’ve survived!!!

Well, after five days of non-stop illness and genuine drama, I can say – with absolute certainty – that I DETEST winter and everything to do with winter.  There is nothing like trying to drag your child, who has been out of commission for nearly a week, over mountains of snow and ice.  She is complaining about being tired and that she needs to lie down.  I am disabled.  I walk with a cane.  I cannot carry someone who is nearly as tall as I am.  I can’t even lift a baby anymore.  Ugh.

We sit in this doctor’s office, she tells us that it’s likely a virus – or maybe the flu! Yippee!! – but they end up testing for flu and it’s negative.  Thank God!!!!  I am sooo done with sick.  I am sooo done with winter.  Where the heck is spring???

I know that she is feeling better because her sense of humor is returning.  She is exactly like my husband.  It’s like being double-teamed by the same person.  Help!!!  Anyway, she was laughing a little and making some jokes of her own. 

Perhaps that is all the spring I need………

Peace & painlessness,


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