It’s a new week – pray a LOT….

So, it’s nearly  Monday morning and it will soon be time to wake our darling child up for school.  I just know there will be some reason for sweetie darling to stay home.  No, not logical ones, the ones that make your head hurt to think about.  And that’s when I come up with my brilliant responses to her arguments.  They are fabulous.  You know what I mean!   They’re the ones that start with, “Because I said so..” and end with, “It’s the law!  You have to go to school because it’s the law!”  Yes, I realize that there’s a bit of desperation in my comebacks. 

Maybe I’ll be lucky.  Maybe sweetie darling will be eager to get back to school to see friends.  Maybe….

Oh Boy…………………………………………………it’s the law. 

Peace and painlessness,



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