New Phone – New Me?

So there I was, using the phone I had decreed to be a “magical” presence in my life about 2 years ago, when I realized that – yet again – the battery died mid-conversation.  It was one of those moments where you’ve said something really serious or deep or whatever and the person you’re talking to doesn’t respond.  You’re thinking a million thoughts, none of them good, when suddenly you realize, “My phone died!  I’m not a complete loser/lunatic/weirdo!”  LOL.

Anyway, “Magic” had been doing that to me for about three months now.  I was getting really ticked off.  After I texted, I’d slide the keyboard back only to find that my phone died and the text never went through.  So off I ventured to T-Mobile, the carrier we’ve been with since before our darling baby was born almost 11 years ago.  I asked if they sold batteries for “Magic.”  They all sort-of looked like I’d asked them if they sold shoes.  One very helpful sales clerk told me that “they don’t make phones, or the batteries, like they used to.”  He said if people can get the full two years out of their phones, then they’ve gotten their money’s worth.  Crazy huh?   Apparently, no one sells “Magic” batteries anymore.  He told me that even if I could find one, they might try to charge a lot but not to pay more than $40.

It was then that he began to tell me about the other phones in the store.  “You might as well look,” he said, “You can get a new phone for less than that battery will cost you – IF you find one.”  After about 30 minutes of talking phone-phone-phone, that we came to the last one in the row.  Was there sparkly mist around it?  Did I see stars? 

My new friend showed me this amazing affordable android phone.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh  Nirvana!  Did I have a phone when I came in here?  No, this – THIS – is my first phone.  It’s lovely touch screen is easy to use, especially for someone whose hands occasionally decide to act out against me.  It’s all perfect.  Free apps, whatever that meant, camera, feature, feature, feature.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Wait, what?  All this for only $30???  I’ll take it.

I think now that I’ve become a phone hot shot.  You know, the people who are obsessed with checking their phones every thirty seconds.  The ones who won’t carry a wallet, but you know they have their Blackberry’s.  Ugh.  Have I?  Man, I hope not.  I just like playing with the darn thing.

Our sweet child LOVES this phone.  She plays free games on it.  So do I.  Have I changed?  Perhaps only technologically.  Perhaps. 

Wait, I just have to check my phone…….

Peace & painlessness,



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