WHAT was I thinking???

So last month, when I got my pump refilled, I was attended by this waaaaaaay high-energy resident who made me feel as though I was watching the human equivalent of espresso run around the room.  She was incredibly sweet and professional, and apparently didn’t need my doctor hanging over everything she did – she refilled the pump without him in the room!  He obviously had no issue with that.  I pointed all of this out to her and she explained that she had proven her ability.  Nice. 

Anyway, I was taking care of paperwork – copays, etc.  Then I made my appointment for this month.  When was he going to be in?  Oh, ok no problem.  What day did I book???? 

                          ST. PATRICK’S DAY IN NEW YORK CITY

Now, any intelligent New Yorker knows that you, under no circumstances, do NOT plan to be in the city – unless of course you are going to the parade.  I have no intention of going to the parade.  But I am as good as going since the city will be crawling with young stumbling revelers.  Ugh, this is a nightmare.  The last time I was in the city on St. Patrick’s Day was about 10+ years ago.  I was pregnant and leaving work because I was feeling a bit under the weather.  What a mess!  I finally had to yell “Get out of my WAY!” to someone who kept yelling, “Happy St. Paddy’s Day!” 

Wish me luck.  Perhaps I won’t be so jostled this time.  We shall see…..

Peace & painlessness,



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