Nowhere to sit….

After a disastrous pump refill on Thursday – involving more than three needle sticks and a ton of discomfort – I ventured into the subway, coping all the time with St. Patrick’s Day parade goers.  The train was crowded, but not terribly so.  In any case, I stepped into the car, somehow expecting to get a seat. 

I was sorely disappointed.  When I decided where I should stand, I was met with quick glances at myself & my cane.  Lots of looks, but lots of looks-away also.  There were people staring at me, but no seat offered.  I believe that everyone needs the seat now and then, but there is almost always someone who could, if they desired, stand and offer their seat to a disabled person. 

Finally, a seat opened and a woman was making her way to it.  I decided to ask for the spot.  She looked at me as though I’d asked for her purse.  (Sigh)  What can I do?  It astounds me every time I ride the train that there should EVER be an elderly or pregnant or disabled person left standing.  I realize I am young.  But I also realize that I am disabled.  

With nowhere to sit…..

Peace & painlessness,



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