Oh Help…

Oh someone please, please, please tell me that the eternal nonsense of life sometimes ebbs.  I need to hear that from some corner of the world.  Anyone?  Anyone? 

I know, it doesn’t.  It gets worse.  It gets better.  But none of it really ever goes away completely.  Why bother even hoping for that? 

A perfect example is the spectacular fall I took two Fridays ago.  Oh man, it was epic.  My daughter and I were being silly, having fun while she was getting ready for bed.  I guess I was walking/singing/acting like a baffoon in general when suddenly – oh wait, I was also carrying a cup of seltzer (important detail) – so, suddenly, I was airborne.  Then drenched. Then I was half in/half out of our small bathroom.  My knee felt like it had exploded, which it essentially did, having smashed into the marble doorstep that leads into the bathroom.  YIKES!  OUUUUUUUUCH!!!! 

My husband came running.  Apparently, both my child and I were screaming.  I  didn’t realize I was until he told me later on.  It took all of my strength to convince our child that – HAHAHA – I was – HAHAHAHA – fine.  We laughed it off, I smiled through the tears that were ready to fall.  She finally consented to going to bed. 

That’s when I fell into my bed and cried.  The pain was unbearable, and I have an intrathecal pump!  Can you imagine how bad my pain would have been without it?

I don’t even want to try…..

Peace & painlessness,



One comment

  1. Doc ForthePeople

    Did you know that chronic pain is associated with falls just like the one you have described? I have been hearing it from people in pain for about 20 years. Just this morning 2 former patients called me. One had fallen and knocked out both front teeth. Another had just fallen and lacerated his knee. I do not know how to stop these falls other than to be very careful with any twisting forces on the painful area. Be extra careful around any hazardous areas such as crossing streets or in parking lots. Keep as active as possible because that is still the best long term plan, but don’t rush when it might be hazardous. I cry when I think about the way the medical profession has ignored this important risk factor facing people with chronic pain. Dr. Suzanne Leveille has published 2 medical scientific articles showing the increased frequency of falls in people with pain. The most recent was in Journal of the American Medical Association in November of 2009. Thanks for listening and share info with family and friends.


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