Am I really invisible? Are any of us truly invisible?

Well folks, I had a few weeks of doctor after doctor after doctor – for me and for the family.  It was a lot of travel, going back and forth by train.  Once again, I had the delightful experience of becoming invisible upon entering the subway car. 

I was sometimes with my child, more often I was alone.  But apparently, I was always invisible.  Well, except to the nice  women who offered me seats.  And one man.  One.  I actually saw three young guys working so hard to act like I wasn’t standing there with a cane that they nearly hurt their necks from craning around me to read the advertisements for skin care and malpractice lawyers. 

I get it, believe me, I do.  You’re tired, coming home from work or school and, “Wow!  What luck! A seat!.”  And you settle in for what will undoubtedly now be a more comfortable ride home.  And then – BAM – in comes an elderly person, or a pregnant woman or – worse than that – a disabled person.  Perhaps it’s my age,( I’m only in my late thirties), that gives people the impression that I can stand for long periods of time.  Perhaps they think that my cane is a prop.  Is that it?  Is that why I can’t easily get a seat?  Who can say?  I only know that I am excessively tired of battling my fellow straphangers for a place to sit down.  I have actually had to do that,  prove I needed the seat more than they.  When a spot opens and we both go for it, the stand-off that occurs would shock and disgust you.  Trust me.  They’re only lucky that my husband isn’t there to shame them into oblivion. 

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this.  Come forward.  Seriously….Speak up for the good of every disabled person.  Tell your stories.  We’re not invisible and we never will be.

Life is hard enough.  Isn’t it?

Peace and painlessness,



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