Do we really have to put our pink scarves away??

Hi folks.  As I write this, one more person in my little circle of friends/relatives is coping with a breast cancer diagnosis.  She’s a young, late-thirties/early-forties mom.  She jogs.  She loves acting. She’s now dealing with breast cancer.  Why?

Why in 2011 are we still talking about this?  Why in 2011 are we still hoping and praying for a cure?  WHY??

As a wife and mother, when I hear the 1 in 4 statistic, I am terrified.  As a nurse, I hear that and become furious.  And it is amazing that throughout October, pink can be found everywhere from yogurt containers to the uniforms of the NFL and throughout the various teams in many sports.  You can almost trip over the amount of pink in October.  But, come November, a new color for a new disorder, a new ….. something.  You get the drift.

I just wish we could wear a little bit of pink all year round.  Maybe so we could cure this beast that much faster.  Maybe so we could remember all year round all of the many people who have lost their battles.  All of the people who fight valiantly.  So we won’t forget.

Keep that pink scarf out.  Wear it, just  because you can – even if tomorrow is November 1st.  Maybe because it is.



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