You’re so vain…. make that I’m so vain….

Late in the summer, I decided that I had had enough of the weird in-between stage that my short hair had been going through for months.  After making the appointment, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to merely trim it or get a major cut like Emma Watson a.k.a. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.  Granted, I am a lot older than “Hermione” but I absolutely love her hair short.  It’s fabulous.

I finally decided to Hermione my hair, or rather Emma my hair.  LOL.  So there I was, feeling so cool I needed some shades.  Of course my darling child had accompanied me to the salon and was raving about my new cut.  We decided to celebrate with some overpriced something-a-ccinos at the cafe inside of the local bookstore.  My daughter loves this double-chocolate-chip drink that looks like a frothy cocoa confection of deliciousness.  After a couple of minutes, our drinks were put on the end of the counter in the pick-up area.

I reached for mine, darling child reached for hers.  Well, that’s when my moment in the spotlight became my oops moment.  The lid of my daughter’s cup was one of those domed-types with a hole for the straw.  It wasn’t in place correctly and as she picked up the cup, everything rose to the top and shot out of the hole, all over me.

Yes, you read that correctly, ALL OVER ME.  I had double chocolate chip-a-ccino in my hair, down the inside and outside of my blouse (which – no joke – was white), down the front of my pants and in my shoes.  IN MY HAIR.  Afterward, chunks of a blended Oreo cookie-type substance were coming out of my hair for most of the afternoon.

All I could think was, “You had to be a hot shot.  You had to smile too wide and strut like someone who owned the world.”  Needless to say, my child was horrified and upset.  I reassured her, “No problem,” I said.  Inside, I was feeling like someone who’d been wearing someone else’s tiara & sitting on their throne – and had gotten caught.

Oh well….. I’m a down to earth kind of gal anyway.  Why do I keep thinking I’m hearing Carly Simon???



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