What the BECK?!?

Once per week, I’ve decided to blog about the bizarre, the odd, the ridiculous.  And I’m calling it, “What the BECK?!?”  Since what I want to write about this week happened today, I’ll start now.

Today, darling child & I were walking to the local library for some non-fiction recommendations.  We opted to walk along the outside of the park near our home.  Anyway, there were two moms strolling along, pushing carriages – that were empty – and they were moving at a fairly constant pace.  Behind them, far behind them and digging in the dirt along the edge of the curb, were two tiny little girls.  They might have been two years old.  Each of them was busy finding sticks and acorns – or nuts, as one of them said.  “I found a nut, Mama!”

My dd and I passed the moms and were shocked to see how far back they allowed their babies to be,  it was ridiculous.  What the heck is wrong with parents these days???  With a casual, “Come on girls,” the moms kept walking and the babies sloooooooowly toddled along after them – carrying their treasured dirt, acorns and sticks.  The women didn’t even look back.  Come on.  Seriously.

I mean, come on.  What the BECK?!?!


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