Online RSD Family Shoutout!

Over the last few months, I’ve been boosted up by the support of a very special group of people. I think of us as an online family.  

The group is called Gentle Hugs – Life With RSD/CRPS.  It’s a members group on Facebook. If anyone out there is dealing with the trials and aggravation of RSD/CRPS, find us and join.  

I’ve created a widget for the group here on my blog page. (Alright, my daughter did!) As its a closed group, you won’t see posts popping up.  But if you click on the group’s name, it will direct you right to the page. 

When I was initially diagnosed, none of my medical/nursing colleagues knew about RSD. That was terrifying.  I finally found a chronic pain support group, but it didn’t stay together very long. It depressed the heck out of me! I wish I’d had a group like Gentle Hugs as a new patient.  It would have made my experience very different, in a positive way. 

Apply for membership. Tell us your RSD story.  Find support, kindness and friendship with us.  😊

Peace and painlessness, 



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