Over the last few months or so, quite a bit has happened in our lives. Some good and some we’d have preferred to avoid altogether. That’s a universal truth for all of us, I think.
As the year winds down, (I still can’t believe I’m posting this as we make our final thanksgiving plans), I can’t help but reflect on 2016. 

We grew closer as a family. We made progress in school and in our jobs. Friends, long absent, made welcome entrances back into the picture. Some friends made unexpected final exits from our lives. That has been a difficult adjustment to make. Isn’t it always? 

I had an article published on “The Mighty” website. It is with tremendous gratitude that I thank all of you for the support and the over 900 shares!! 

New writing projects and schoolwork have kept me busy. Why didn’t school always seem this fun? 

I am grateful. Grateful for my husband and daughter, my entire family, friends – old and new – who enrich my life in countless ways. I am grateful. 

Grateful for health. For improvements I didn’t think possible. Even for the struggles, they remind me of my strength. Grateful for new days, people who listen, laughter at silly things and tears that help us remember how much we care about others. 

I am grateful for you. 

Sending lots of love out into the universe, along with hope for a happy thanksgiving and beautiful holidays to come.

Peace and painlessness,




  1. Vered Golan

    Hi Beck😀,
    Congrutulation on the new blog. Love it💖
    Happy Thanksgiving🍷
    I have a lot to thank for. For family and friends and new friends that enter my life, some bc of crps that we share dealing with. As it is for you, humor is my go to tool in dealing with crps.
    Sending greetings to you and your family,

    Liked by 1 person

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