A new year, a familiar hope……

Happy New Year! 

Earlier tonight, I was perusing the choices recently added to Amazon Prime’s movie list. Admittedly, I’m not much of a sports fan. Years ago, I used to watch the Yankees and the Jets, if I was home. Gradually, real life became more involved and I stopped tuning in. But “Gleason” caught my eye, about former NFL player Steve Gleason’s battle against ALS.  ALS, (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), aka Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects the nervous system. It weakens muscles and impairs the body’s ability to function.

I was glued to watching Steve’s journey from healthy athlete to patient in a short amount of time. His wife’s dedication to all aspects of his care, taking on tasks she surely never anticipated. Seeing their relationship take a different form was familiar, that of patient and caregiver.  

I was diagnosed with lupus early in my marriage. RSD came five years later. My husband never flinched. He just asked what we needed to do. And we’ve worked as a team the entire way from there to now. Enter our daughter sixteen years ago, she’s done much the same as she’s gotten older. They’re both tremendous supports to me.

It’s not easy to be a caregiver. Not easy to suspend your own hopes and plans to be there for another. But millions of people do it every day. Whether they’re blood relatives or friends, neighbors who look in on us. All of these people have made an investment in our well-being. And I am grateful. 

So, as I start this year, I’m sending a message of gratitude into the universe. And hopes that 2017 will be peaceful, healthy and kind, to all of us. 

Peace & Painlessness,



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