This week. Wow

All of the shows went really well. The kids were fantastic. After Friday evening’s performance, they gave exquisite flowers to all of the adults who assisted with the production. I was called onto the stage and given one of the loveliest bouquets I’ve ever seen. It was very sweet and truly appreciated. 

I had to switch gears quickly though. Saturday and Sunday’s concerts were upon me. My daughter went with me on Saturday, which was awesome. We arrived early and walked around the neighborhood. It was cool but weird passing offices I’d worked in, when I was still a nurse. I’m glad I got to show her though. 

After returning to the 92Y, she snagged two great seats and I did final makeup and prep for the dancers. The costumes looked better than I imagined they would. And the dancing! Well, it was an epic debut of the new work. It was a great weekend for dance. And my client was happy. 

After Sunday’s show, I raced home to attend the wake of a family friend. She was a kind and generous woman whose life intersected with mine for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, she and her husband tailored my prom dresses. I have fond memories of standing on a chair in their dining room, as she worked on the hem of my beautiful, green Jessica McClintock dress. Oh, I loved it! It was very special. The night of the prom? Not so much. But the dress? The dress was fabulous. 

The impact of the past month hit me later that evening, and then even more on Monday. At first, I only felt a little bit tired. Then it started to feel like I had rocks weighing down my boots. But I was teaching on Monday AND we had one more afternoon show to get through with the kids. Crashing was not an option. Not yet anyway. It was a fun afternoon and the audience – their classmates – loved seeing their friends singing and dancing on stage. 

Done. It was finally over! And that’s when I remembered the cleanup process: sorting the costumes, getting the kids to bring things home, the laundry. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. But it has to be done after every show. Thankfully, the students on the costume tech team helped. I plan to “borrow” them for our spring dance showcase. And by “borrow” I mean convince them to work with me for every show! LOL. 

Tuesday dawned and I was cooked. My entire body hurt. But my right arm was really blown up and sore. I sat, looking around at the aftermath of 6+ weeks of work. Everyone was happy with their performance. Each cast member and dance company member was happy with the way they looked. The company, in particular, got great reviews for their costumes. It was a relief all around. Why, then, did I feel like I forgot something? It was the oddest sensation. 

That’s when I remembered: me. Take care of me. All the post-it notes in the world couldn’t have helped me to remember that I have to stop, have a rest and take it all in. It goes by too fast, then it’s done and we’re on to the next. It’s good to pause and enjoy the end results. Meanwhile, I’ve already started working on costumes for our next shows. (Pausing to breathe, just for a sec).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit down for just a minute. Really. 

Be kind to one another.

Peace & painlessness,





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