Too much and not enough…..

I’ve started and stopped at least four different blogs this week. For some reason, I couldn’t settle on any of them. That’s pretty much how the week went. At the moment, I’m prepping for our spring dance show. Normally, by this time, I’d have sewn, glittered and glued my way through at least three numbers. But not this time. There’s too much to do and not enough energy to do it. It could be because I’m feeling stressed about the show. It might also be that I’ve drawn a blank on how I want certain pieces to look. It’s also possible that my creative side feels as beaten up as the rest of my body. I’m crashing. Hard. 

Over the past week or so, I’ve been having trouble with my right knee and right wrist. After struggling with my weird hang ups about using the prescribed anesthetic creams, I broke down last night and tried the lidocaine ointment on my wrist. It did help. Ok, ok. I’ll be using it again. The doc was right. My husband was right. I’m stubborn. Big shock, I know. 

On a different note, today is Mother’s Day. I’ve decided to lay low, sew and regroup. Probably more of the latter, to be honest. The next two weeks will wind up a blur, but I’ll love it. I always do. I’ve been thinking about the future – where my studies are meant to take me, what I really want. I’ve thought about how much I love working with the kids. There’s so much involved in this, not merely picking a costume. It’s thinking about how they’ll feel wearing these costumes. Foolish? Embarrassed? Pretty? I have to take all of their feelings into account. Their growth and emotional well-being. It’s complicated. But wonderful. Maybe the fact that I’m a mom helps, especially having a daughter. Actually, it’s definitely helped me. 

I have to buckle down and make some progress. Although, with my wrist being swollen and sore, the chances for that aren’t great. So, I’ll let myself have today. To enjoy my beautiful daughter. To count my blessings. And begin again tomorrow. 

Be kind to one another. And a very Happy Mother’s Day to all. 💐

Peace & painlessness, 



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