Lost and found, lost and found again……

My life, especially the health and professional parts, seems to be on the “lost and found” track. Maybe a lot of people feel that way. I think, more often then not, I’ve found myself wandering through life like someone wearing the wrong eyeglass prescription.

I was in a complete spiral when I started the job where I met my husband. He helped me turn my entire life around, encouraging me to dream bigger and aim higher. Cheering me on when I went to nursing school.

I was in a deep depression when my sister introduced me to the parent of one of her students. We met, hit it off, became best friends, and she even let me help out in her business. She absolutely changed my life for the better. Helping me to be useful and creative, sewing trims on the beautiful dresses she designed. It was a lifeline when I needed one more than ever. The sadness I felt over my lost nursing career constantly plagued me. I was well and truly lost. She gave me a map out and a reason to stop feeling useless.

Working on the shows came at the right time. Back then, I was always up and down, fighting with myself about the amount of pain I was in, about not letting people down, about letting them down, about surviving every day. The act of getting up in the morning was almost impossible some days. I managed it, but those weren’t good years. Lost? I was so far down an emotional hole that I’m lucky I ever got out!

This is life. I’m certain you’ve all had your own “lost and found” moments. I’m positive at least some of us are experiencing them now. Things are so up in the air, it’s hard to picture life after corona. But it’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. We just have to adapt and move forward, the best way we can.

At least some of you (who haven’t seen my social media) must be wondering why I’ve included the picture below. Well, it all started during a FaceTime call with my mom and sisters. I was in last week’s up and down, when we decided to play Disney trivia that weekend. Then, it was suggested that we all dress up. I’d like to say that my enthusiasm for this plan was entirely motivated by a desire to surprise my young nieces. But, the truth is that I was so excited to make something. I was so energized by the chance to be creative that I dropped everything to put my outfit together. My gal and I had so much fun working on it, it changed my entire week. I’m so grateful for the people in my life who help make these moments happen. They “found” me, without even knowing it.

And so, I became the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” for an afternoon. Our gal was the Mad Hatter. It was amazing. And, in the course of making my headpiece, I found a pair of fabric scissors that I thought I’d left at school! That made my month! 😂

Being lost and found on a regular basis can be exhausting. But it can also be viewed as a reboot. A chance to start again, at the exact right time. Life means change, everything in flux constantly. Even as we navigate the idea of a post-corona life – whatever that is and whenever it comes – don’t forget that things are going to be shaking out for a long while. We can’t expect to have it all figured out right away. It’ll be impossible to do that anyway. We just have to be ready to move forward while not having the full plan laid out for us.

We’ve done that thousands of times. We can definitely do it again. 😉

Wishing each of you a calm and healthy week. And please stay home and safe. ❤️

Peace and painlessness,


#thisiswhatsicklookslike #crps #rsd #arachnoiditis

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