Hello friends! The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy. The flu, all of the normal everyday chaos, annnnnd the planning of an upcoming move.

Yes, you read that correctly: a move. When you’ve lived in the same place for nearly 26 years – as we have – you accumulate. Seriously. You accumulate a lot. Memories and stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

So, while anticipating the possibility that this could happen, we started clearing out Pandora’s box. That’s why we began that process a while back. And the closets, making donations wherever possible. And on and on.

My husband is my hero. He did about 98% of the clearing and cleaning that’s happened over the last few weeks. (And he can argue the point all he wants, saying I did more than I think I did. Trust me, folks, he did just about everything). I couldn’t ask for a better partner/teammate. He calms me down and makes me laugh harder than anyone else, as he’s done since 1993. He took on the bulk of the work since I was sick when everything kicked into high gear. And since chronic illness living is SO much fun, it’s taken an extra week or so for me to feel like me again. The bounce back takes time. Time we really didn’t have. But we got through it.

And now we’ll keep moving forward and prepping for this major life event. I’ve only moved twice in my life. Once, right after we were married. And then about two years later, to our current apartment. We’ve been very fortunate in this place. But it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter.

None of these big changes are easy on my body. My system flares under stress. I think all of this happening at the same time as the flu made the whole thing last longer. I’m practicing breathing, listening to peaceful music, and using the Calm app.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. These big moments are a whole process. Finding a place, cleaning/keeping/donating/ditching the old, resettling once you’re moved. Ugh. But I have peace because I’m continually choosing it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a stressed out wreck at times. But I’m constantly saying that “it will all be fine.”

And it will be.

Wishing each of you a safe, peaceful weekend.

Peace and painlessness,

Beck ❤️

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