Peace in the chaos…..

We made a few trips between the old place and new last week. It’s incredible, the sense of calm that has taken up residence in my mind and heart . It’s one of the most intense times of our life, but I can’t find it in me to shut down and roll up in a ball.

I equate it to feeling like Indiana Jones, trying to outrun the giant boulder. And yet, here I am, finding a sense of peace in the panic. Trust me, we have a lot to freak out about. But the overwhelming sensation is one of peace. A sense of moving in the right direction. A genuine sense of joy.

When one stays in the same place for a long, long time, things become settled. We tend to not move things around because we don’t have to. No one’s going anywhere, so there’s no need to shift anything. But when one has to make changes, move to smaller spaces, or the like, that’s when we realize how much settling we’ve done. In our case, we’ve lived in this place for nearly 26 years and there’s been a LOT of settling. 🤦🏻‍♀️

And yet, there’s peace.

I walked through our new neighborhood and saw possibilities. I traveled on the new train line and saw that I can easily get where I need to go. It’s not impossible. I’m filled with joy as I stand in the new apartment, no hesitation or concern that I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I truly am.

And there is peace.

I know no place/person/thing is perfect. I know that each new adventure comes with challenges and frustrations. But I’m okay with that, because I’m going where I’m supposed to go. And I’m with my team, my incredible husband and our gal. So, no matter what, we’ll be okay. We’ve been through a lot over the years and come out on the other side together.

And we keep our peace.

That’s what I’m focusing on. Keeping the joy of this new adventure going. On the joyful things.

Wishing each of you the same.

Peace and painlessness,

Beck ❤️

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