What we can and cannot do……

Hello! I had so many things planned for the past week. Packing deadlines, staying organized, etc. It is with total honesty that I tell you how only some of those goals were met.

My husband has been an apartment-packing force to be reckoned with. He and our gal have been keeping me moving along, even when I’d just have preferred to curl up in a ball and cry.

Switching homes, jobs, schools, doctors, (or whatever you’ve changed in your lives), is not easy. We do our best to roll along, going with the flow. But the reality is more complicated. Change isn’t easy. Whether it’s a choice you’ve made on your own or if something else is the catalyst, it isn’t easy. I’m equal parts nervous and excited to make this leap.

My emotions have absolutely run the gamut in the last few days. As much as I wanted to have things well and truly wrapped up by now, the fact is that we’ll be packing late into tomorrow night. The movers will be here sometime Sunday morning. (Cue footage of me breathing into a paper bag).

The thing I keep saying is, “We’ll be okay. It’ll all work out. It has to.” I keep saying it because it’s true. We WILL be okay. It WILL work out. And yes, it absolutely HAS to. I’m operating on the idea that if you put something out into the universe enough, you’ll manifest it. (Also cue me fervently praying that my idea is not mistaken).

All of that being said, I can only do what I can do. Stuff that’s not move related has been pushed to the wayside, unfortunately. That means that the blog I had planned is not happening.

I can only do what I can do. It’s true for all of us. And I realized that stressing about this – in addition to the move – wasn’t helpful. So I’m picking my battles. It’s kind of liberating, in a weird way.

One consolation of this packing madness has been finding a lot of lost treasures. Take, for example, the discovery of the epic, photographic masterpiece that is me with crimped hair, circa 1988-89.😂😂😂 (see my instagram for it. The uploa crashes each time I try to add it here. I’m sorry!).

I’ll leave you with that cringe-worthy moment and wish all of you a safe, peaceful weekend.

Peace and painlessness,

Beck ❤️

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