I’m a 40-something wife and mom who was diagnosed with lupus, then RSD, then a bunch of spinal problems and finally arachnoiditis. I live each day, one at a time. There will always be good days and bad, for all of us.  But as a wife & mom, there’s only one solution: keep going.  I work very hard to keep my positive attitude.  Some days are better than others.  I hope those of you who deal with pain can find a kindred spirit and cooperative coping here, we’ll help each other.  For those of you who just found me by accident, I hope my ridiculous, exciting life will keep you entertained. Welcome. ❤️

Peace, hope and painlessness,



  1. Chrissy

    this blog is incredible – I finally had a chance to read the whole thing. While I am extremely saddened by your pain and I am in constant worry, I want you to know I am there for you always. I admire your spirit.

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