I am….

It’s been an interesting week. Chaos, anyone? Forgive me if I continue talking about “the move.” It’s obviously all we can focus on, especially since it’s happening soon. I’ve only done two major moves in my life. The first was right after we got married. The second was two years later. Escaping our first apartment (shudder), we landed in the home we’ve had for nearly 26 years. It was a lightning strike, a once in a lifetime moment. The couple who owned the house was extraordinarily kind. We developed a wonderful relationship that will be forever treasured.

This experience has also highlighted quite a few things about myself. Things that I am.

I am:

…disorganized. (This is a known fact that I’m not proud of. It’s also something I’m working on.

…a packrat. (Not proud of this either. I’m working on becoming an anti-packrat).

….waaaay too accommodating. I find myself apologizing for things that don’t require an apology or explanation. I immediately start trying to makes things better for the other person. It’s sort of a family epidemic, though).

…happy to be making this change. (I didn’t think I would be. Hearing the news initially made me cry. But the more I imagine the future, the more I can see us enjoying this change. A new adventure in a new space).

…very lucky to have my husband and our gal on my team. (We’ve been through a heck of a lot over the years, so planning a move and making it happen will be difficult, but not impossible. We can do it).

We are going to be okay. Actually, I find myself saying, “it’ll all work out. It has to.” And “it’ll be okay.” Those are my mantras. Despite hiccups along the way, worries about various things, etc., I find myself repeating those phrases throughout the day. It gives me peace and helps me keep my quick-to panic button in check.

Why did I list them? It helps to see it in writing and remind myself of the habits I want to break and the traits I want to preserve. There are more, but I don’t need to see them all to know they’re out there.

In the meantime, we’re with our gal and enjoying this great life adventure.

Wishing each of you a low pain, calm weekend.

Peace and painlessness,

Beck ❤️

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